Complex sistems and  computational socio behavioural research.

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UMICCS a multidisciplinary research group composed by reserchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), Universitat de València (UV) and Universidad de Zaragoza (UNIZAR) to promote cooperation in the field of behavioural studies and social complexity.

Thus, UC3M, through the Interdisciplinary Group of Complex Socio-Technological Systems, (coordinated by Professor Angel Sánchez), UNIZAR, through the group Systems and Complex Networks (COSNET), (coordinated by Professor Yamir Moreno) and UV, through the Research Group on Strategic and Experimental Behaviour of the ERI Economic and Social Behaviour (ERI-CES), (coordinated by professor Penelope Hernandez),  develop complementary research in the fields of:

  • Computational and Behavioural Social Science
  • Experimental Economics
  • Complex Systems
  • Networks

The main research areas are focused on the following:

  • Analysis of large-scale socio-economic networks and social big data
  • Identification of economic and social nature patterns of human behaviour
  • Impact analysis on innovation strategies within complex environments
  • Modeling and simulation of the structure of society in behavioural experimental economics laboratory
  • Forecast the development of great social challenges (e.g., climate change, robotisation)
  • Detect the emergence of social norms